Economics 1120 - Spring 2010

Professor Steven Kyle

249 Warren Hall

Phone:  255 2104
Office Hours - Tuesday and Thursday 10:15 - 11:15 or by appointment

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Lecture Outline and Exam Dates - To sign up for the makeup you MUST contact Romita Mukherjee in class or at to tell her what your conflict is and get on the list of those approved for the makeup. TAKING THE MAKEUP IS NOT SIMPLY AN OPTION YOU CAN DECIDE TO CHOOSE ON YOUR OWN. If you want to take the makeup you must be approved BEFORE the regularly scheduled exam.

Where to Go for the Second Preliim

Problem Sets READ THIS !!!!! (Course ID = XL0F-K1K7-501Y-7LD2)

Social Security Reading Read through page 18

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Past course handouts are available outside of the Economics Department main office on the fourth floor of Uris Hall

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Econ 1002 - Supplemental Coverage of 1120 Material

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