Applied Economics and Management 632

Open Economy Analysis - First Half

                                                              Spring 2006

Professor Steven Kyle

Office: 249 Warren

Telephone: 255-2104


Course Outline

            The course is designed as a survey of open economy macroeconomics focusing particularly on developing countries. A principal goal will be to illuminate the particular features of low income countries which are important to overall internal and external balance. An important orientation of the analysis is on policymaking and the role the government’s decisions play in macroeconomic outcomes.


            There will be an exam at the end of this half - course as well as a paper (see handout on paper assignment). The weighting of the grades will be 50-50 on the exam and paper. S/U grades are OK as are audits (but please DO sign up for an audit if that is what you want to do).

            The exam will be given in class on March 10.


            All students are expected to have taken intermediate micro and macroeconomic theory at the level of Economics 313 and 314. Others may be admitted by permission.



The reading list can be found here. There is a text (available at the bookstore) that will be used extensively: Agenor The Economics of Adjustment and Growth Harvard U. Press 2004. Other readings will be available on-line through the library. Please note that only the starred readings are expected. Many other readings are included on the list for your edification and enjoyment.

Office Hours

Office hours are Tuesday and Thursday from 11:30-12:30 or by appointment. The best way to make an appointment is to simply come up at the end of class and we can set a time.